Strag Group

The Strag Group is one of Norway's leading importers of beer, wine and spirits with the aim to sell "Products for the good life."

The Strag-gruppen was founded in 1991 by Arve Røys Stranden. His dream was to employ innovation, competitiveness, skill and productivity to offer the Norwegian market attractive products under competitive terms. Today, it is his wife and former CFO, Rimma Røys Stranden, who expertly runs the firm; but the vision remain the same. The Strag-gruppen's emphasis on quality at all levels has made us one of the leading importers of beers, wines and spirits; which we will continue to be!

The Strag-gruppen consists of four Norwegian subsidiaries: Strag AS, Gavin AS, Degel AS, and Rimedia AS

Ever since 1991, the Stranden family has been the principal owner of Strag group AS. From December 2012, they owned 100 % of the company's shares. As of today, the Strag-gruppen has 8 employees.  

The Strag-gruppen will continue to provide what we all need - a good toast!

Strag - gruppen

Strag   Gavin   Degel    Rimedia

Office address: Billingstadssletta 19B, 1396 Billingstad
Telephone: + 47 671 03 030


Norway's oldest importer of alcoholic beverages