Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer (GLUTEN-FREE) (ORGANIC) (FAIRTRADE)

33 cl
Huyghe Brouwerij

This organic, gluten-free and Fairtrade-certified white beer has an alcohol content of 4.7% by volume and is brewed with buckwheat, malt, rice, hops, orange peel and herbs, including coriander. The gluten is removed from the beer using a specially developed method.

Mongozo Buckwheat White has all the characteristics you would expect from a white beer: a fresh and fruity aroma with herby notes, a mild hop flavour and a smooth, rounded aftertaste that is slightly sour. Mongozo Buckwheat White is a refreshing white beer experience, brewed using a specially developed method and unique ingredients! We are extremely proud that we now have a gluten-free white beer in our range, following on from the successful launch of Mongozo Premium Pilsner.

Food and wine pairing

Suitable for aperitif, shellfish, fish or salad.

  • Brewery: Huyghe Brouwerij
  • Type of beer: Hveteøl
  • Country: Belgium
  • EPD nr: 4352167
  • Vectura nr: 138746
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 36,54
  • Sold by: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importer: Strag AS
  • Size: 33 cl
  • Number of bottles: 24
  • Alcohol: 4.7%
  • Allergens: Barley malt, Rice, Buckwheat, Coriander, Orange Peel

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