Wychwood King Goblin

50 cl
Wychwood Brewery

King Goblin a strong ruby beer with royal flavors and aromas of toffee, caramel and dried fruit. Brewed with a mixture of the finest Crystal and Chocolate malts, blended with Fuggles, Sovereign, Styrian and Cascade hops.

Packed with sweet caramel, coffee and toasted malt flavours that gives warmth to both body and soul.

A full-bodied, rich, tasty and fruity beer.

  • Brewery: Wychwood Brewery
  • Type of beer: Brown Ale
  • Country: England
  • Vectura nr: 158490
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 41,46
  • Sold by: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importer: Strag AS
  • Size: 50 cl
  • Number of bottles: 8
  • Alcohol: 6,6%
  • Allergens: Byggmalt

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