Sapporo Premium Lager

33 cl

Sapporo Premium Lager history trace back to 1876 when Seibel Nakagawa returned to Japan after studies in Germany, where he spemt his time studying German brewing art. The following year, he started his own brewery and produced Japan's first lager.

This is a quality beer that suits the Nordic palate and excellent pairing for fish dishes and spicy dishes. Sapporo Premium Lager has hints of rice, which creates a subtle sweet aroma.

It is a dry and crisp with a dense white foam. Complex taste with grains and a little hint of rice. Nice aftertaste and balanced bitterness. 

  • Type of beer: Lys Lager
  • Country: Japan
  • EPD nr: 5368857
  • Region: Japan
  • Vectura nr: 152293
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 26,89
  • Sold by: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importer: Strag AS
  • Size: 33 cl
  • Number of bottles: 24
  • Alcohol: 4,7%
  • Allergens: Barley malt, rice

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