Elephant Gin

50 cl
Elephant Gin Ltd

Elephant Gin produces award-winning handcrafted premium gin products made with rare African botanicals. While the story started in South Africa, Elephant Gin is handmade in Germany with focus on highest quality production standards. All ingredients are hand-selected, bottles custom-made, labels hand-written and production efforts controlled by working in small batches. Focused on artisan production methods, all ingredients are carefully checked for any impurities - guaranteeing the optimal flavour profile. Without any artificial flavouring, Elephant Gin uses only locally sourced spring water to bring their products to their required alcoholic volumes.

Elephant London Dry Gin is a handcrafted premium gin of 45% ABV that captures the spirit of Africa. Its innovative blend of 14 botanicals combines rare African ingredients with fresh apples that make Elephant Gin distinct from any other. Other botanical ingredients are juniper, mountain pine, orange peel, lavender, devils claw, Buchu, lion´s tail, Baobab, ginger, Cassia bark, elderflower, pimento and African wormwood.

The gin´s distinct nose first yields a subtle juniper aroma, with an undertone of mountain pine and other herbaceous notes. The taste is complex but strikingly smooth, encompassing floral, fruity and spicy flavours. 

In addition, Elephant Gin returns 15% of their profits to "Big Life Fundation" and "Space for Elephants", both whom are working to preserve African wildlife so that future generations can also experience and enjoy these great animals.

Food and wine pairing

Enjoyed both straight or in cocktails.

  • Producer: Elephant Gin Ltd
  • Subcategory: Brennevin
  • Country: Germany
  • EPD nr: 4618179
  • Vectura nr: 141079
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 426,81
  • Sold by: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importer: Rimedia AS
  • Size: 50 cl
  • Number of bottles: 6
  • Alcohol: 45%

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