To Øl Gose to Hollywood 30L KeyKeg

To Øl

Behind the instantly recognizable test logo from the Danish Government-Run TV channel 'DR1', hides a story of California Oranges and Citra hops. Gose To Hollywood is how we did it. A salty, sour, bright, 3,8% gose, with the best fruits California has to offer offer - preferably consumed on warm spring days.

Food and wine pairing

Thirst quencher!

  • Brewery: To Øl
  • Type of beer: Surøl
  • Country: Denmark
  • Vectura nr: 142238
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 2308,80
  • Sold by: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importer: Strag AS
  • Size: 30L
  • Number of bottles: 1
  • Alcohol: 3.8%
  • Allergens: Barley malt, Wheat malt, Orange Peel & Orange Juice

Strag - gruppen

Strag   Gavin   Degel    Rimedia

Office address: Billingstadssletta 19B, 1396 Billingstad
Telephone: + 47 671 03 030

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