New Belgium Slow Ride

35,5 cl
New Belgium Brewery

25 years ago, New Belgium began brewing Fat Tire Belgian style Ale. It became an iconic beer, and a symbol synonymous with the craft beer movement in the United States. For the first time, New Belgium has added a new beer to the Fat Tire family: Fat Tire Belgian White. With the inspiration from their decades of brewing Belgian beer, Fat Tire Belgian White is made with Seville oranges and Indian coriander, both cultivated less than a mile from New Belgium's Fort Collins brewery. It is a fresh, perfectly sweet, naturally tasting Belgian Wit.

For those who do not know, Wit is the identification of Belgian wheat beer. They are completely different from German wheat beer which must contain at least 25% wheat malts. Belgian White is fruity, with a small lemon touch due to the use of coriander seeds, orange peel and other spices that are very common in a wit beer.

Food and wine pairing

Pair it with meat or fish or simply drink it as a thirst quencher.

  • Brewery: New Belgium Brewery
  • Type of beer: Wit
  • Country: USA
  • Vectura nr: 148649
  • Price (ex VAT): kr. 35,71
  • Sold by: Vectura
  • Importer: Strag AS
  • Size: 35,5 cl
  • Number of bottles: 24
  • Alcohol: 5,2%

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