To Øl Stress Test

33 cl
To Øl

If you've ever tried bungee jumping, you know that the only thing saving you from certain doom, is a solidly-built elastic rope, but how do you know if it'll hold? You put it through a rigorous Stress Test. We did the same, but with a strain of lager. The result is a clean fermented baltic porter, that leaves room for some lovely malt characters. I won't recommend drinking it before, or during a bungee jump - after, however, is acceptable. It reaches an ABV of 8%.

  • Bryggeri: To Øl
  • Ølstil: Porter / Stout
  • Land: Danmark
  • Vectura nr: 144812
  • Pris (eks. mva): kr. 41,65
  • Til salg gjennom: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importør: Strag AS
  • Størrelse: 33 cl
  • Ant. pr. kart.: 24
  • Alkohol: 8%
  • Allergener: Byggmalt, Havremalt

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