To Øl Dangerously Close to Stupid Lychee

33 cl
To Øl

Dangerously Close to Stupid Lychee is an Imperial IPA with dangerous amounts of Lychee, brewed with an dangerous amounts of care & passion for the series

You know how To Øl love their DIPAs. And dangerously close to stupid is one of their favourite beers to update and experiment with. So far we’ve introduced you to Kiwi, Papaya, Guava, Peach and the crowd favourite - Mango.

Now please meet our latest addition

DCTS Lychee is clean, crisp and malty. Expect ample bitterness without being overpowering, and subtle end notes of lychee. A clean and clear, west coast style DIPA.

  • Bryggeri: To Øl
  • Ølstil: IPA
  • Land: Danmark
  • Vectura nr: 148795
  • Pris (eks. mva): kr. 53,90
  • Til salg gjennom: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importør: Strag AS
  • Størrelse: 33 cl
  • Ant. pr. kart.: 24
  • Alkohol: 9,3%
  • Allergener: Byggmalt, hvetemalt

Strag - gruppen

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Besøksadresse: Billingstadssletta 19B, 1396 Billingstad

Stragas AB

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