To Øl CPH - Das Alt 30L KeyKeg

To Øl

To Øl CPH - Das Alt is an Altbier brewed by Tapperiet Brus in Copenhagen.

Altbier, meaning old beer, is so called because of the style replicates old brewing traditions that originates from Düsseldorf in germany. Altbiers are top-fermented, full of hops, and with a winsome copper color. 

They have a clean, malty flavor produced by tempered and full fermentation, and hopped copiously, then finished with a mellowing spell of lagering. A beer unlike any other.

  • Bryggeri: To Øl
  • Ølstil: Altbier
  • Land: Danmark
  • Vectura nr: 150810
  • Til salg gjennom: Vectura // Grossist
  • Importør: Strag AS
  • Størrelse: 30L
  • Ant. pr. kart.: 1
  • Alkohol: 4,7%

Strag - gruppen

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Besøksadresse: Billingstadssletta 19B, 1396 Billingstad

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